What Are The Four Things That You Should Keep In Mind To Judge The Quality Of Your Bud

If you think that assessing the quality of cannabis is not everyone’s cup of tea, you might end up being wrong after going through our article. Because here we have prepared a quick guide for you that includes the four easiest methods to test the determination of your buds.

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1. Smell of Your Buds:

Original cannabis consists of an enchanting smell and flavour due to the terpenes in it. So what your nose wants to smell, only go for that one.

a). If your cannabis provides a strong taste and smell as well, it means that they are grown and stored finely. When you go near them, you don’t need to smell them forcefully, rather the aroma will effortlessly hit your face.

b). The cannabis consumers mostly prefer the diesel fuel gassy, pungent, sweet and lavender because its smell provides a relaxing and cool effect.

c). Sativa-dominant cultivars provide a more relaxing effect as they are spicy, piney, and fruity in flavour.

2. Structure of Your Buds:

It is very crucial to notice everything of your buds, such as the colour, size, number of nugs, trim job, and the visual trichomes. To be noted, environmental situation and genetic lineage effect the structure and colour of the buds.

a). If your bud is dark, dense, tight, and purple coloured, that indicates it belongs to the Indica-dominant strains.

b). If they are airy, light-coloured, and scraggly in structure, it suggests that they are Sativa cultivars.

c). Dark weeds are usually sticky, fresh, and trimmed clearly with the cover of shiny trichomes.

3. Smoke of Your Buds:

It is the easiest method to test the cannabis’s quality because original buds provide a smooth and flavourful smoke every time you consume it. On exploring more, there are some beliefs regarding that.

a). A resin ring, the oil ring around the cherry of your joint, suggests that your bud is highly potent.

b). The white coloured ash suggests that your bud is finely cleaned and has been cured in a proper manner.

c). If your weeds burn effortlessly in the joint, it suggests that the cannabis has been grown finely.

4. After-effects of Consuming the Buds:

Do you know how it feels after consuming a potent bud? Or for how long does the feeling last? Well! The aftereffects vary from one health to another. It depends on the mental and physical fitness of that person, his food habits, and also how much amount he consumed that day.

So for assessing the quality, always pay attention to some factors such as after how long you are feeling the effect, if it induces or suppresses your hunger, if you are getting too much high within a short period, and so on.

Final Words

Hoping that from now on, you will not face any difficulty while testing the quality of your bud. So stay with us for more interesting information about cannabis.


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