Top 12 Bong Water Alternatives To Make Weed Taste Better

Are you looking for the best refreshing smoke to relax your mind and body? Bong is the filtration device suitable for making the weed taste better. These are also used for smoking tobacco, cannabis or other herbal smoke. In the modern-day, there are many number of Bongwater alternatives are available to make the experience much more enjoyable. Below are the bong water alternatives to make weed taste better. 

1. Hot Tea:

Normally tea is one of the best alternatives to regular bong water. It would be the best spin on the traditional smoking experience. The main reason is that heat from tea would provide an aromatic and rich experience.

2. Ice Water:

Many numbers of people have been using Ice water as the best alternative for room temperature water. When you are adding more numbers of ice cubes, then it would provide much better effect. You would get the chilled smoking experience.

3. Iced Tea:

Now you can cool your Bong with the delicious iced tea. When you are looking to make yourself or buy ready-made, then choosing the iced tea achieves the refreshing smoke in your bong.

4. Infused Water:

Many numbers of stoners swear by infusing the Bongwater with everything from the essential oil, mint leaves and many more. It has number of ingredients such as Strawberries, Citrus peels, Ginger and more.

5. Fruit-Flavoured Water:

Choosing to add the fruit flavour to the Bongwater is one of the best ways to increase the smoking experience. It is convenient to opt for the tropical vibe, and there is a wide variety of options available.

6. Cranberry Juice:

The Cranberry juice is a perfect option for those looking to enable the fruity notes of the bong-smoking experience. Flavours subtle as keen taste buds would enjoy the crisp cranberry notes.

7. Crushed Ice:

The crushed ice is the simplest bong water alternative. It is quite common to head outside and pick clean snow for your bong water. You can also make finely crushed ice instead for smoking.

8. Juice:

The juice could be added with fresh water as they have fruit-driven flavours. Fruit juices have more natural sugar for cleaning bong thoroughly and keep deteriorating and sticky. Various flavours are available such as pomegranate, cherry, orange or apple.

9. Gatorade:

Gatorade is extremely popular in many countries as it is quite similar to that cranberry juice. Gatorade has sugar, and it is necessary to clean your bong well.

10. Wine:

Many people also prefer to add wine to the Bong. Normally inhaling the fumes from the wine, which has low alcohol content, is also helpful for the health.

11. Sparkling Water:

The Sparkling water is a personal favourite for many people as the flavours are subtle. Carbonation in water would alter the texture of the smoke.

12. Mouthwash:

When you are looking for a truly refreshing smoke with Bong, then trying alcohol-free mouthwashes would be a great option. It sounds great as it provides a fresh taste when hitting with a bong.


Gas flows from the lower port to the upper port in the Bong, which acts as the filtration medium and it would protect from harmful chemicals or additives in the weed. Above are bong water alternatives that would make the weed taste better. 


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