Top 10 Cannabis Strains That Make You Laugh

Normally, the cannabis strains draw out different reactions and provide some health benefits. Whether you are looking for relief from your stress, then choosing cannabis strains is one of the helpful options. Not all cannabis is created equal. These add mental relaxation to the body and help melt away physical tensions. People like to have sudden laughter bugs as they bring good vibes as well as a source for memorable moments. Below are the lists of cannabis strains that make you giggle and laugh.

1. Laughing Buddha:

Laughing Buddha brings you a complete head high by making you laugh for a long time. It automatically boosts your serenity and anxiety. When you are looking for a cannabis strain to accompany you through tedious workdays, then Laughing Buddha is one of the finest options.

2. Zim-Licious:

Zim-Licious elevate senses instantly and provides you with a complete relaxation mode. You would immediately feel the best sense of euphoria and elevate the laughter.

3. Starbird:

When you are looking for the best solid indica, then StarBud is a perfect option for giving you giggles. These would easily keep you glued for hours when smoked in higher amounts. Enjoy the fresh pine and hint of herbal in your mouth.

4. Bubble Cheese:

When you are seeking relaxing your mind with giggles, then choosing Bubble Cheese is the finest option. These provide the mind relaxed mode with its indica-dominant nature. Cannabis strains are a favourite among those with busy and hectic lives. Flavour combo leaves would provide an eclectic impression.

5. LOL:

LOL is also one of the cannabis strains that alludes barrel of laughs when you unleash smoking. You can hit on the LOL when you are stressed out and looking for a better way to relive them. It has a THC content of 23%. The giggly strain provides a citrusy, fruity, as well as honey-sweet taste.

6. Berry Ryder Autoflowering:

Unlike other indica-dominant strains, Berry Ryder Autoflowering one won’t overwhelm. You could easily feel strong and assured in providing the pleasantly relaxed mode enveloping the body. You would get the distinct feeling of euphoria.

7. Sour Diesel 2:

The Sour Diesel 2 has the Sativa-dominant background is one of the amazing strains for enjoying your time. Sour Diesel 2 has a THC content of up to 20%, so you could start slowly.

8. Phantom OG:

When you like to have the classic cerebral high using the Sativa-dominant smokes, then choosing the Phantom OG is the best option. It gives you an uplifted state that provides you with a suitable result.

9. American Dream:

The American Dream is an indica-dominant favourite for many numbers of recreational herb consumers. When you are looking for a cannabis strain, then choose American Dream as it provides a complete strong hit with a pungent aroma. American Dream gives you the relaxing body high that you’ve always dreamed of.

10. Lemon Kush:

The Lemon Kush is the indica-sativa hybrid which would provide you with complete laughter and happiness. With taking a few hits, you can feel an enjoyable head high in complete relaxed mode.


Taking the cannabis strains helps you to find yourself chuckling at the most mundane things. Enjoy the giggly feeling of taking cannabis strains, and it leaves a lasting impression.


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