The Best Countries around the World to Smoke Weed

In the present scenario, many individuals wish to use cannabis-relevant products for several reasons. Weed is the most popular product among people. Taking weed is touted to enjoy many health benefits. Usage and sale are illegal in some countries. People focus on a weed-friendly destination for weed smoking. A small proportion of weeds can permit in certain states. 

Weed lovers look at popular countries where weed consumption is legal. It is the best way to light up without hassle. You can understand countries that accept usage, possession, and sale that may not be an offense. In recent years, countries have legalized weed for the medical and recreational purpose. Following are the countries that allow people to smoke weed casually.


It is the ultimate destination for weed use. Weed is illegal in some parts of countries. Countries allowing people to carry five grams or less is legal. People can smoke week in some places and clubs only. Before buying the product, one should consider country rules and regulations. Carrying weed home is not legal, but people enjoy it by walking into a café or coffee shop.

United States:

Weed is legal in a handful of states in such a destination. Marijuana can permit whether people accept medical ailments. In the United States, only eleven states have a home-produced plan and tag as recreational and weed allowance. In these states, people can smoke without obstacles. When you smoke in states where weed is illegal, you can go for imprisonment in the long run. You can smoke week freely in certain places like Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Vermont, Washington, and a lot more. The country allows people to possess weed with three grams or less.


It is the top destination across the world that medical and recreational weed. The country accepts weed smoking in the year 2018. It never promotes weed usage and advertises full strength. Legalization comes with certain limitations. People must follow limitations for home production, consumption area, distribution, and sale time. The country follows a limitation for weed possession of thirty grams or less.


If you wish to smoke weed in the country, you can take it in limited quantities. People smoke them for personal use only. Quantity can limit to less than five grams. Open sale and cultivation are illegal in the country. No one can ever indulge in the open sales and cultivation. The country charges fine vary for locals and foreigners.


In Jamaica, weed usage is completely legal. You can smoke weed in smoke clubs. High possession of weed is a crime. Only a few plants permit for the home cultivation. Religious practitioners use weed freely. 


It is the first country in the globe to legalize marijuana from eighteen years and above. The country is a popular destination for weed lovers because smoking weed is completely free in the open space. It may also legalize six plants for the home production. You can purchase grass from the pharmacy. The country accepts only forty grams or less per month. 


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