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20 Terpenes in Cannabis Plants

Have you ever wondered why different cannabis strains smell differently? It is the terpene profile of the particular marijuana strain that is largely responsible for its unique aroma and flavor. Not only that, the terpenes in cannabis plants also have various healing properties. Studies have shown that the terpenes in marijuana bind with different cannabinoids like THC and CBD to either boost or reduce their effects. They play a significant role in the entourage effect of the cannabinoids that determines the type or intensity of the ‘high’ you get. Being a marijuana user, it is very important that you have a clear understanding of the terpenes found in cannabis. Keep reading this post to get a closer look at the most valuable terpenes found in the cannabis strains.

20 terpenes found in cannabis strains

There are over hundreds of terpenes found in cannabis that are formed in the trichomes of marijuana plants. Not all cannabis strains have the same terpene profile. Cannabis experts say that a number of factors including the spectrum and intensity of light exposure affect the terpene profile of a cannabis plant. According to Amber Wise, scientific director at a famous cannabis testing lab at Washington, even in plants with same genetic makeup, ‘you can end up with different terpene profiles at the end because temperature, growing medium, nutrients, sunlight, all kinds of things affect the terpene profile of plants’. As the cannabis industry is becoming more and more concerned with the terpenes and terpenoids, more and more designer strains containing unique terpene-profiles are flooding the market. It is therefore important for you to know about the different terpenes in cannabis and understand their effects on your body and mind. Here is a list of 20 most significant and common terpenes found in marijuana:


One of the primary and most popular cannabis terpenes, Myrcene is also found in mangoes. It is responsible for the earthly aroma with which many cannabis strains are generally associated. It has great anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety powers.


This terpene provides the citrus aroma in cannabis strains. With great anti-fungal, anti-bacterial as well as pain-relieving properties, Limonene is the second most common terpene found in cannabis plants.


As the name suggests, this particular terpene is also found in pine trees and gives marijuana strains their peculiar piney smells. It is known to be a highly effective bronchodilator.


Terpinolene produces a unique mix of piney, floral and herbal aromas. Studies have proved its great antioxidant and sedative potentials. Many claim that this particular terpene also reduces the malignant cell formations in cancer patients.


Does your cannabis strain smell like lavender? In that case, it has a high concentration of Linalool terpene in it. Good for various fungal infections, Linalool also balances the psychoactive effects of THC. This makes it ideal for treating anxiety or stress-related issues.


Another commonly found cannabis terpene, Caryophyllene is an extremely good antidepressant and anti-inflammatory agent. Also found in black pepper, cinnamon and cloves, the terpene releases a woody, peppery and spicy aroma.


Humulene is a terpene that has great anti-inflammatory and topical pain-relieving powers. It gives you an earthly ‘hoppy’ scent that is common to basil, coriander, sage or ginseng.


Ocimene is a very commonly found terpene in nature. Like many other terpenes in cannabis, it is also very effective in treating inflammation, congestion, viral as well as bacterial infections.


Known for a unique woody and fresh bark scent, Nerolidol intensifies the sedative effects of the cannabinoids and other terpenes in cannabis. Many experts claim that it is very effective in alleviating symptoms of leishmaniasis and malaria.


Bisabolol is very popular among cosmetic and fragrance manufacturers for its mild floral aroma and dermatological benefits. According to some studies, Bisabolol is very useful in managing skin inflammations.


As the name suggests, Guaiol is also found in the guaicum and cypress pines. The terpene is known for its anti-microbial properties. Another terpene with a piney scent, Guaiol is said to be helpful in lung cancer treatments too.


The main component in the Eucalyptus oils sold in the market, Eucalyptol has many therapeutic properties. Various cannabis strains contain small amounts of this terpene which is very helpful in increasing concentration and meditative powers.


This terpene is characterized by a unique musky and damp woodland kind of smell. Camphene has a wide range of medicinal uses including treatments of various skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis. Combined with vitamin C, Camphene works as a strong antioxidant as well.

Delta3 Carene

Delta3 Carene is very useful in orthopedic issues. It is highly effective in healing broken bones, osteoporosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia.


Borneol has been used in Chinese traditional medicines for centuries. With strong psychedelic and sedative effects, this terpene carries with it a typical mint and camphor scent.


With a tangy and orangy smell, Valencene is a very good insect repellent. As a cannabis terpene, it is highly effective in producing intensified focus and better cognitive abilities.


Another great antioxidant and neuroprotector terpene in cannabis, Geraniol can be found in tobacco and lemons as well. It also reduces muscle spasms and inhibits tumor growth.


The unique minty and citrus profile of Phellandrene makes it very popular among cannabis users. Studies have shown that Phellandrene is very useful in reducing phlegm and increasing energy. It is also a strong analgesic.


This terpene has a strong black pepper scent. The cannabis strains that contain significant amounts of Bergamontene are very good alleviating fungal or bacterial infections and tumors.


Another favorite of the perfume makers, Fenchol releases a mixed lemon and pine scent. Though its medicinal properties are not fully researched, anecdotal evidence claims that it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory powers.

As the support for both recreational and medical use of cannabis rapidly grows across the world, marijuana users are becoming increasingly aware of the terpenes in cannabis. More and more studies are bringing our attention to the effects of cannabis terpenes on the neurotransmitters as well as the cell growth in our body. Given this, it is not enough to check out the cannabinoid profile of your cannabis strain, you need to check its terpene profile as well. Visit your local weed store in Canada and choose a strain that has a terpene profile most suitable for you!


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