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Magic Mushroom Cannabis: Can the two be combined?

The legalization of marijuana in Canada has encouraged users to explore the option of other all-natural drugs such as magic mushrooms. A magic mushroom cannabis mix can give you a very enjoyable psychoactive experience since these two are known to complement each other perfectly. Although mixing drugs are generally associated with bad trips and hospital visits, a mix of magic mushroom cannabis goes hand in hand because of the absence of any synthetic chemicals. Being all-natural compounds, both marijuana and magic mushrooms balance out each other’s negative effects to create a very pleasant overall experience. One of the most loved poly-drug combos among tripping enthusiasts, the magic mushroom cannabis experience will manifest itself in intense yet enjoyable audio-visual hallucinations.

Understanding magic mushrooms:

Psilocybe cubensis or magic mushrooms come with a consistent level of psilocin and psilocybin- the two active compounds of shrooms which are responsible for producing the high. Mushrooms can be eaten both cooked and raw and can also be mixed in juice or tea. They can be effectively used by people with depression, anxiety disorders and suicidal thoughts. The psychedelic effects of mushrooms can be perceived within 15 to 20 minutes. According to Ronan Levy, the co-founder of Field Trip Ventures, a Canadian company focussing on therapeutic psychedelic products, “We strongly believe that psychedelics are the next wave of the path that’s been created by cannabis,”. Although mushroom is still illegal, several researches are being done on the therapeutic properties of magic mushrooms.

Magic mushroom, cannabis: both are absolutely natural

Both marijuana and magic mushrooms are naturally occurring organisms which come with its own blend of active ingredients. While marijuana comes with hundreds of terpenes and cannabinoids, magic mushrooms come with several active molecules which include eight psilocybin derivatives such as aeruginascin, serotonin, baeocystin, and norbaeocystin. Psilocybin is widely regarded as the only active ingredient of shrooms. Although researches have confirmed the presence of many other psilocybin derivatives, not much attention has been given to those molecules.

The cannabis effect

The marijuana you smoke comes with a minimum of 113 different cannabinoids the most famous of them being CBD and THC. THC is the active ingredient of the cannabis plant which is responsible for producing the cerebral high in users, while CBD or cannabidiol with its tranquilizing effects is known to weaken the psychoactive effects of THC. Many marijuana strains contain both THC and CBD and thus produce a high which is both euphoric and sedative at the same time. The kind of high you’re experiencing largely depends on the cannabinoid ratio in the strain being consumed. The user generally feels a sudden gush of energy and clarity which slowly transforms into a sense of peaceful lethargy. One of the most noted effects of cannabis is a marked reduction of depression and anxiety. The happiness and euphoria induced by weed are also accompanied by hunger and a desire to sleep.

The magic mushroom effect

The high induced by magic mushroom is characterized by two things- euphoria and hallucinations. As already mentioned before, the active ingredients psilocin and psilocybin are responsible for producing the mind-altering effects associated with magic mushrooms. After consumption, the metabolism in the human body converts the psilocybin into psilocin. The psilocin then activates the serotonin receptors of our brains and raises the dopamine concentration in the basal ganglia. These reactions in our brain are the factors that produce the intense euphoria associated with ingesting magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are universally regarded as uppers since they energize the mind and leads to a body buzz. The cerebral high goes hand in hand with intense joy, a warped perception of time, out- of –body sensations and closed-eye visualizations. An intense mushroom trip that can last for about 3-6 hours can be a rather strong emotional experience and in many cases, the effects seem to last longer because of its intensity. Many mushroom users have cited a feeling of paranoia and anxiety during their high, and cases of full-blown panic attacks are also not unknown.

Combining magic mushroom cannabis

Both cannabis magic mushrooms alter the perception and thought processes and promote joy, euphoria and creative insights. The synergistic effects of combining the two will increase the intensity of your shroom trip while keeping your paranoia and anxiety in check. So basically a combined magic mushroom cannabis trip will enhance the peak of your trip and generate an overall ‘feel good’ sensation. Smoking a joint at the start of your mushroom trip can help you do away with the initial feeling of nausea or any rough transitions you might experience in the course of your trip. It will rid you of the anxiety and paranoia which characterizes the onset of the mushroom trip.
Once the mushroom trip is already underway, many users refrain from smoking up, although experienced users might consider smoking a joint to amplify the mushroom high.

Once you’re past the peak, marijuana will start acting in synergy with magic mushrooms and make the hallucinations and lesser sensations last for a longer period of time. It will also mitigate any negative emotions which might accompany the last leg of your trip. Moreover, users have reported a motivated feeling throughout the trip because of the combined effects of cannabis magic mushrooms. Experienced users of mushrooms and weed are going to enjoy the combined effects immensely. However, users who don’t have much experience with either should no way consume them both at the same time.

In conclusion, it can be said that although magic mushroom cannabis combo can give you a killer high while dampening the negative emotions, it is always best left to users who are comfortable with both weed and shrooms. People prone to panic, anxiety or bad trips should stay away from weed till the end of the mushroom trip. However, if you are looking forward to enhancing your perception and experience, then a combination of marijuana and magic mushrooms can produce an exhilarating experience which borders on the spiritual!


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