Penis Envy Mushroom Capsule – 300mg

Penis Envy Mushroom Capsule – 300mg

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Our mushroom capsules are great for those who are new to the world of shrooms. They give you a delicious and easy way to enjoy the benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, in a consistent microdose. Penis Envy cubensis mushrooms are one of the fastest acting mushrooms, and are known for their potency and high levels of psilocybe.


350mg is in each Penis Envy Mushroom capsule. Each bottle contains 10 Capsules.

Penis Envy Mushroom Medical Effects

In addition to its mind-blowing recreational benefits, Penis Envy magic mushroom has some potential medical benefits. The euphoric effects induced by Penis Envy shrooms help to alleviate stress, anxiety and other depression-related symptoms. This magic shroom is also useful in reducing OCD symptoms for patients struggling with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Penis Envy strain is potentially helpful in overcoming addictions and cluster headaches. By promoting neural genesis, Penis Envy magic mushrooms prevent the decline of neuronal functions.

Penis Envy Side Effects

Using Penis Envy is coupled with several side effects. Most users experience nausea when tripping on this magic shroom. This can be managed by sipping honey ginger tea and staying hydrated, especially when outdoors. Secondly, one may have trouble controlling various motor functions and completing cognitive tasks. These side effects make the shroom best suited for leisure time.


Penis Envy Cubensis possesses a higher potency as compared to other cubensis species. Expect a remarkable experience filled with philosophical ideations and intense euphoria after taking a little Penis Envy shroom. While the experience may be fantastic and memorable for experienced users, the effects may be overwhelming for newbies. Although growing the shrooms may be a little frustrating due to the various challenges such as high priced spores and slow growth rate, the Penis Envy shrooms make up for it in the mind-blowing experience. Lastly, ensure you do not mix this magic shroom with other drugs, especially alcohol.

Mushroom Dosing

Trip Level 0: Microdosing

A micro-dose is a sub-perceptual amount of mushrooms. Take this every 2-3 days to boost creativity or feel less anxious. Microdosing trip levels capsules. Added as level 0, it’s meant to be taken along with your day-to-day routine.

Trip Level 1: Happy go lucky

The effects are mild and similar to being high on weed. Music starts to feel better, strangers seem more friendly and the mind is able to lose some control. You could have mild visual enhancements or some sound distortion, but these will be subtle.

Trip Level 2: Beginner’s paradise

Consistent sensorial accentuation, colors becoming brighter and a light body high. Level 2 can be a more intense form of Trip Level 1, but with the right dosage it can be something more. Be prepared for the beginnings of visual and auditory hallucinations: objects moving and coming to life along with geometrical forms when you close your eyes. It will be harder to concentrate and communicate and you will notice an increase in creativity along with an enhanced sensation, lightness and euphoria.

Trip Level 3: Classic psychedelic trip

Trip Level 3 is great for beginners who want to jump in the “real” psychedelic experience, without overdoing the dosage. This level is where visual hallucinations along with the appearance of patterns and fractals will be evident. No more hinting or subtle flashes of visuals, it’s happening for real. The surface of the object you’re observing will become shiny and moving, as your field of depth is altered. Distortions in the aptitude to measure the passage of time, might cause an 1 hour to feel like an eternity.

Level 4: Flying with the stars

Strong hallucinations take over: a psychedelic flood of shapes, contours and colors will blend together and hit the shores of your consciousness. There’s no stopping the waves in Level 4. There will be some moments when you will lose touch reality. Random, non-existent objects will appear and the concept of time will fade away to the background. Intriguing to some, scary to others, this is the level where psychedelics can really be powerful, life-altering and mind expanding. Keep in mind that this dosage is only recommend for experience users.

Level 5: Total loss

Total loss of contact with reality. Intense hallucinations. Great distortion of the perception of the space and time. Disappearance of the logical and known perception of the reality. Great introspection and loss of identity. Sensitive, emotional and personal experiences impossible to describe, once the psychedelic experience ends. Level 5!

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