Know the Factors While Choosing Cannabis Products

When the time for choosing cannabis products comes, you need to know every different factor to avoid the negative issues that can take place in your health due to the lacking of your grip and experience on it.

So kindly read the 6 most important factors before purchasing any cannabis product are following –

1.        Your experience:

The effects of cannabis are different in every individual’s body. It quite depends on your age, gender, and the previous experience that how it effected your mental and physical health.

2.        Cannabidiol:

Being one of the active components of cannabis, Cannabidiol or CBD has no intoxicating effect. Those who prefer a minimally psychoactive experience should choose CBD-only products.

CBD concentrations change their power according to the different oils, capsules, and manufacturers. But the high CBD concentration in cannabis remains around 4% – 9% and more.

3.        Tetrahydrocannabinol:

Being another active component of cannabis, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC offers intoxicating and psychoactive effects on human health.

Suppose, a cannabis product has 15% THC, it means that THC covers up around 15% of that entire product. So it is better to understand your capacity and sensation before buying it.

4.        Terpenes:

Terpenes provide a powerful effect on the scents and flavours of the plants. And it plays a dominating role in cannabis also. According to many beliefs, cannabis terpenes contribute to the effect of a strain beyond influencing the aroma and flavours.

5.        Amount:

It is quite difficult to understand which amount will suit you, but it gradually gets normalized with your experience. Suppose, you have chosen a lower-potency product but you are over-consuming it, it will hamper your health. So it is better to consume a very small amount at first and then increase it according to your wellness.

6.        Method:

Inhalation and ingestion work differently in everyone’s body because the process of how the cannabinoids enter the bloodstream is not the same in the two methods.

It takes a few seconds to produce an effect when you are inhaling the cannabis. So it would be helpful if you wait for at least five minutes after inhaling. And take it under medical instruction because inhaling cannabis may affect your lungs.

Ingestion produces an effect after a long hour and lasts for longer also. So waiting for at least one hour will help you to understand the effect on your health.


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