How to Store Cannabis Properly

If you are looking for some potential tips for preserving the colour, flavour, and odour of the cannabis, you need to focus on the temperature, humidity, airflow, and light of that place where you are planning to keep them.

Humidity: The perfect humidity range for storing cannabis is 59%-63%. Too little humidity in the storage container can break down the terpenes and cannabinoids and also the essential oils can dry out. And too much humidity is also not suitable for storing cannabis, it will give birth to mould and bacteria that produce unpleasant flavours and odours. 

Temperature: It is better to keep the cannabis below 25°C, as warm air can hold more moisture in comparing to cold air. This definite temperature holds the overall freshness of the cannabis and also reduces the chances to mould-growth.

Airflow: Oxygen plays a very tricky role in storing cannabis. If the oxygen level increases, the speed of its degradation also increases. On the other hand, having not enough oxygen is also dangerous for the humidity leading to affecting the freshness of cannabis.

Light: Lighting plays the largest role in storing the cannabis. So it is better to keep the cannabis out of direct sunlight, it will protect the moisture and also prevent them from breaking down too quickly.

Do’s & Don’ts – 

To preserve the freshness of cannabis, keep it in a dry and cool location. But never think to store it in a refrigerator, its fluctuating temperatures will easily give birth to mould on the cannabis, just like the low-temperature breaks down the trichrome too easily.

So now if you think of using tobacco humidors to preserve the freshness of your cannabis, that will also not be good for it. Tobacco humidors are often made of cedar that can add oils to your cannabis too quickly. But still, if you want to use a tobacco humidor, you must be sure that you will have to avoid direct contact between the dried flower and the wood. So in that case, you can make use of some additional things like a glass storage jar.

A few tools such as humidity packs and hygrometers can also help you to maintain the freshness of dried cannabis.

You have to maintain the above tips while storing the cannabis. But if you can’t smell its aroma from earlier, it is better not to use it.


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