How To Recognize If The Weed Online Shop Is Legit?

It is very common not to be so sure about the legitimacy of weed products because they are very expensive and nowadays there are many fraud cases related to weed business. But still, you can avoid being fooled if you do a little bit of research about the weeds and the weed shops.

Then let’s get to know the 4 factors that you need to know before buying cannabis products –

Check the COA:

Not all laboratories get approval to publish the COA for their vendors. Only the certified laboratories under the Cannabis Act, are allowed to conduct and publish the analysis to ensure safety.

COA stands for a Certificate of Analysis that every legal cannabis product should have. It is actually the reported details about the composition of cannabis that includes cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components as well. So if you find that information on weeds, you can trust its quality.

Check the Legal Online Weed Shop reviews:

No other thing can ensure you if the company is legitimate or not as public reviews do. If you can see valuable reviews of that cannabis site, you can count it as a legal company. The reviews will also help you to understand the quality of the weeds.

But nowadays the fake reviews business has become very famous. Many companies buy fake reviews for increasing their popularity and hiding the negative issues. But it is not so difficult to recognize fake reviews as they often give a little info in the review and those are mostly being done from very awkward named accounts. So check the reviews properly to understand the whole thing.

Look for dispensary details:

Always look for the social media links and other contact details before purchasing any cannabis product from that shop. It will help you to understand if they are doing this business professionally and legally.

And if you don’t find any active things on their social media pages, it means that you are on an illegal site for purchasing cannabis.

Payment methods:

Every legal weed shop offers more than one payment method, like PayPal and card. But the fake ones mostly offer only one method for payment, i.e. e-transfer. So if you are facing this type of situation at the time of payment, first, double-check the company and then decide to buy weeds from that shop.


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