Cannabis Legalization and Regulation in Canada

Do you want to know about legal cannabis in Canada? Want to explore all the essential information about it? If yes, then stay with this guide and collect everything about the legal cannabis in Canada.

In general, cannabis is the illegal product in many countries since it may put people get into some sort of addiction. But in Canada, there are certain legal cannabis available which people are allowed to use it without any issues.

There are also many legal cannabis stores in Canada to sell the products legally to the customers. But there is also illegal cannabis always everywhere. Hence you must be very careful in choosing the legal one.

Why choose legal cannabis?

There are many legal authorized retailers in Canada and adults can buy their required legal cannabis products from them. Generally, the legal cannabis perfectly meets all the criteria of the official Cannabis Act and its regulations.

The act and regulations are set under the rules for product promotion, quality, labelling and packaging. When you prefer the intake cannabis and wants to avoid side effects, then it is must for you to go with only the legal cannabis.

Legal cannabis is quality tested and controlled for contaminants harmful levels. Then it is perfectly tested for the accuracy of CBD and THC levels, therefore you will exactly know what you are buying. It can be recalled by license holders, health Canada or manufacturers when there is the potential quality or safety issue.

How to find legal cannabis?

In Canada, only authorized retailers by the territory or province will sell the legal cannabis for the non-medical usage. It will consist of some information on its label and package. Check out those features to find whether the cannabis product is legal.

  • Remove stamp with particular colours indicating the territory or province in which the legal cannabis product is designed to be sold
  • You will find a standardized cannabis symbol in the package
  • It will be in the yellow box with the legal health warning message in French and English
  • You can also find some of the nutrition facts for the edible cannabis
  • Comes with child-resistant and plain packaging with the exception of seeds and plants

What are the THC limits of legal cannabis products?

Generally, there are certain rules that how much amount of THC is allowed in the legal cannabis products. When the product claims to consists of more THC than its limit, then sure it will be the illegal product. Check out below to know the THC limits for the legal cannabis product.

The THC limit will differ by the type of the legal cannabis product:

  • Fresh or dried cannabis: there will be no additional THC can be added
  • Cannabis extracts for inhalation or ingestion: around 1000mg of THC per each container
  • Edible cannabis: around 10mg of THC per each container
  • Topicals: around 1000mg of THC per each container

When you have the complaint about the illegal cannabis retailer, then you can contact nearest RCMP detachment or local law enforcement.


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