5 Most Important Tips For First-Time Weed Smokers

When you have just started smoking weeds, it is best not to consume too much marijuana. Otherwise, it can lead to paranoia and anxiety. So first take a small amount and understand your capacity to avoid any kind of consequences. Also, it will get you the positive sides of marijuana.

Apart from it, first-timers need to know so many other things so that they can enjoy smoking for a long period. Those are the following:

1. Moist your mouth before smoking weed:

The most common side effect of smoking weed is dry mouth. So always drink enough water before you start smoking. It will rehydrate and moist your mouth.

Or, you can do one thing to avoid this problem, i.e., smoke a little. It will keep you away from the dry mouth problem. But this is not going to be your permanent. As soon as the hangover gets over, you can say bye to dry mouth.

2. Don’t start alone:

When you don’t have any idea about smoking cannabis, it is good to start with experienced people. They can advise you on what you should do and what not. Also, you will gain some idea of how it affects and for how long it lasts. After gathering the experience, you can be fully comfortable with your limits.

3. Chill yourself before smoking:

If you are stressed, it won’t be possible to enjoy smoking. So, at first, one needs to be relaxed.

If you like any music or any other thing, just go and watch. It will make your mood and relax your mind. Also, you can start it while chatting with your friends. Then you can truly enjoy your bud.

4. Find some suitable smoking options for you:

When you are just starting, you probably want something simple to do. In that case, you can choose any of the smoking options including bowls, bongs, vapes, joints, blunts, and so on.

If you are starting with joints or any other, don’t do it by yourself. Ask someone with experience to do it.

5. First-timers should start smoking in the evening:

When the hangover comes down, it can make you a little sleepy. And first-timers don’t have the energy to stay awake, so it would be good if they could start smoking in the evening. Then when the hangover is over they can easily go to bed.


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