12 Mistakes That Everyone Makes While Smoking Weed

It is very common to smoke marijuana these days, but most people do not know the proper way to do it. And as a result, they encounter various errors.

But don’t worry! We are here for letting you know which mistakes most of you do and how to avoid them.

1. Don’t throw out the stems after using them once. You can make stem-tea or you can make a THC-infused cocktail by soaking them into alcohol.

2. If you are new here, keep in mind that weeds can get you extremely high after smoking for the first time. So do not dare to think that it will be nothing.

3. Another thing that first-timers often do is that they treat the pot like a cigar. Instead of that, they should breathe deeply while smoking weeds.

4. Do not take it lightly when it comes to bud preservation. Keep it in an airtight container. This will enhance their taste and freshness.

5. Do you use a grinder? No, right? Do take a grinder every time you smoke. It transforms the buds into kief and enhances the burning consistency.

6. Do not use heavy butane lighters or matches to burn weeds. This will bring a bad taste to the buds.

7. Most of you always forget to cover the tracks and this is one of the worst mistakes to do. Covering the tracks is the most essential thing to keep the components well that make you high.

8. Not seeking the advice of experienced smokers can be your biggest mistake here. Experienced people can solve all your problems and their suggestions are always reliable. This will keep you away from panic attacks.

9. Smoking and eating are never the same! Eating the strains takes a 30 minutes to 2 hours to give an effect.

10. Do you clean the weed pipe? It is a very necessary task to do. You may soak yours in the alcohol(this alcohol can be used a couple of times) and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

11. Don’t choose the biggest and boldest nugs that you do all the time. Always choose bags with small nugs. There you can find more flowers in potent strains.

12. Why don’t you consider the dab? Check its glory. It is something the best of THC in hash-oil form. And there are so many ways to smoke with, from a bong-esque rig to a vape pen.


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