Top 5 Cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver, Canada

After Uruguay, Canada becomes the second country to legalize cannabis or marijuana. And Vancouver plays the leading role while finding the best cannabis dispensary in Canada. So if you try to find the best quality cannabis, no other city will be better than Vancouver.

Let’s check out the best five cannabis Dispensaries in Vancouver, Canada –

1. Pink Joint:

Filled with a charming community and a wide range of cannabis products, PinkJoint becomes one of the most reputable cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver. 

With a belief in “energy, confidence, friendship, and joy”, this dispensary offers various cannabis products from popular brands like Avita, 7ACRES, and Bare Organics. And apart from this, it provides the locally source products that include pre-rolls, flowers, concentrates, and edible.

2. City Cannabis CO:

With a mission to “erase the stigma”, City Cannabis CO welcomes both of the experienced cannabis users and freshers in their dispensary.

It has several locations around Vancouver and all the locations cover a very decent and aesthetic atmosphere vibe. These dispensaries supply everything from mellow and smooth CBD oils for therapeutics to cannabis plants with a punch. It offers a large number of options, like concentrates, edibles, vapes, extracts, capsules, seeds, oil, and flowers. 

3. Canna Farmacy:

Canna Farmacy focuses on creating natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medication. This shop always cultivates the best cannabis and delivers them to your door. This is how it becomes everyone’s favourite!

Here you will find a large number of concentrates, flowers, edibles, and accessories like rolling papers. It also offers rice Krispy treats that are very rare to find.

4. The Medical Cannabis Dispensary:

Medical Cannabis Dispensary has been providing brilliant service to customers for over ten years. It owns an education centre and an online shop.

This shop never compromises with quality. And that’s why the dispensary partners keep the best-suited products in their shop, including CBD oils, vape pens, flower strains like Indica and Sativa. It also offers body care items, like salves and creams.

5. Evergreen Cannabis Society:

Evergreen has been providing the best lab-tested and government-approved cannabis products for years and it is the first recreational cannabis shop in Vancouver.

This dispensary has a wide range of cannabis products that include flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, and so on. And it is the result of their 20 years of experience that they provide such best quality products safely to every customer.


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