The Most Arousing Weed Strains to Use in the Bedroom!

Are you looking for the most arousing weed strains during sex? Want to enhance your arousal in bed? If yes, then stay with this guide and here, you can better understand the list of quality weed strains. In general, having sex after consuming weed can give everyone a great feel.

At present, most of the men are not getting proper arousal due to their stress-related issues. Hence they could not be able to satisfy their partner in bed. Therefore a lot of relationship breaking is happening. To stop such problems, here come some highly advanced weed strains that let you perform great in bed and help you satisfy your partner erotically.

Best weed strains for arousal:


It is the highly delicious indica weed strain and people’s favourite of the cookies family. Do-Si-Dos are recognized for their yummy and tasty cookie flavours. It has high terpene content of linalool and limonene. Limonene terpene is found in all kinds of citrus fruits. Linalool terpene is found in lavender and jasmine. It can give your body ultimate relaxation, giving you a tremendous erotic performance in bed. 

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is a perfect dessert to have before getting into an intimate relationship. It consists of more THC content that can reach 24% potency. It is rich in limonene like Do-Si-Dos, along with caryophyllene and myrcene. Myrcene is found in lemongrass, mango, hops and thyme, among other essential things. A wedding cake is best for relaxing and sedating effects. It is the best mood booster to enhance your love life with sensual sweetness.


Mimosa is one of the best weed strains that can be suitable for you at any time. It is a Sativa hybrid and helps calm strain on both body and mind. Stress, anxieties, and worries are the primary reason you lose interest in erotic relationships. During that time, having a mimosa can be a perfect choice. It is the best combination of pinene, myrcene, terpenes and limonene. They are found in pine trees. You can decompress and thoroughly enjoy the heat of the moment in your bedroom. 

Sour Diesel

It is also the best weed strain, a fast-acting Sativa that lets you feel euphoric, happy, and invigorated in bed. Hence you can become more comfortable by enhancing your mood before getting into an erotic relationship with your partner. It is also the perfect balance of myrcene and limonene. It is also having caryophyllene. You can find caryophyllene in spices like cloves, cinnamon and black pepper. 

Granddaddy Purple

It is the most potent strain which can intensify your sexual pleasure and sensations. It is the best strain for its delicious candy and fruity like flavours. It can be long lasting and help you hold the arousal for longer hours in your bed.

Final verdict

You now have a better idea about the most arousing weed strains during sex from the scenario mentioned above. Use it in your bedroom and enjoy your love life with your partner. 


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