The Effects of Cannabis: Short-Term and Long-Term

Cannabis consumption produces a wide range of effects, from the munchies to paranoia. Find out more about the effects of cannabis to manage your own experience.

From pleasant and comfortable to undesired and uncomfortable, the effects of cannabis consumption can range widely depending on many factors. The same cannabis product can affect you differently than it affects someone else, and the effects you experience can vary from one day to the next.

Short-term effects of cannabis consumption

Depending on your consumption method, the short-term effects of cannabis can be felt within seconds to hours of consuming. Enjoyable or not, these effects are temporary and many resolve themselves with time.

The short-term effects of cannabis can include:

  • joy, calm and relaxation
  • a heightened sensory experience (such as sense of smell or taste)
  • feeling “high” or euphoric
  • confusion
  • fatigue or sleepiness
  • impaired memory or concentration
  • anxiety, fear or panic
  • increased appetite
  • impaired motor skills
  • decreased blood pressure
  • increased heart rate (particularly for people with heart conditions or high blood pressure)
  • paranoia or psychotic episodes (a less common effect that’s associated with consuming large doses of THC)

Long-term effects of cannabis consumption

Consumption of cannabis and cannabinoids in any format can have long-term effects, and smoking cannabis presents additional risks to your physical and respiratory health. Most of the long-term effects of cannabis impact daily or near-daily consumers who have used cannabis over a long period.

The long-term effects can include:

  • impaired memory and concentration
  • mental health disorders
  • cannabis use disorder or problematic use patterns
  • impacts on brain development in people under 25
  • lung infections
  • chronic (long-term) cough
  • damaged blood vessels
  • cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

If you are experiencing symptoms of any of the above and think they may be related to your cannabis consumption, talk to your healthcare provider.


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