Major Difference Between Greenhouse-Grown And Indoor-Grown Cannabis

You may not be aware of the fact that there are slight differences between indoor-grown and greenhouse-grown cannabis. It is based on the cannabis quality and other facts as well.

Want to know them? Then come! Here are the detailed facts for you –

Greenhouse-Grown Cannabis:

According to new technologies, greenhouse-grown products have become more affordable than earlier and they can be found in almost every dispensary. Moreover, they provide a consistent cannabis quality to its users.

But the problem is that none can give you the assurity of growing a certain amount of cannabis here. Because in the greenhouse, more and more sunlight is needed and the amount of the crops depend on how much sunlight you can manage to give them in a year.

Indoor-Grown Cannabis:

It is an easier way to grow cannabis and is well-established also. When anyone is growing cannabis using this indoor-cultivation method, it means that they are getting absolute control over the environment. They can manage the humidity, lights, airflow, and temperature as well without any problem.

This method also makes it possible for you to yield a higher THC percentage. It helps you to grow more potent cannabis strains.

But there are also some problems with the indoor-grown crops that the plants may have a lower terpene profile. As it is not getting the natural sun rays, it may be possible that the plants grow smaller. And due to the artificial heating and ventilation, indoor-grown crops consume much energy and cost more than the outdoors and greenhouse offer.

Now throw a glance to the Outdoor-Grown Cannabis –

a) Outdoor-grown crops take the longest time to grow but the plants grow with a supreme and rich terpene profile and turn into beautiful-looking buds.

b) You can fully replicate the sun-rays in outdoor-grown crops. No need for artificial light.

c) This method is one of the most affordable ways to grow cannabis. Because we have already mentioned that there is no need for artificial light. No need for heating also.

d) These crops need good soil and proper sunlight to grow.

e) The problem is that these crops face so many harsh elements such as bad weather and plant pests which you can never control easily.

To Conclude

Greenhouse-grown cannabis does not cost much to grow, so it can be found at affordable rates. But indoor-grown products are usually premium quality BC buds. So you can easily check out and buy the indoor-grown cannabis remembering the quality!


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