Is Freezing Your Weed A Good Idea?

Do you want to store weed in the freezer? Want to find out whether it is a good idea or not? Then this blog can let you find the right answer. If you put the weed in the freezer, the molecules in it will expand. Then it will destroy the structural integrity of the cells when they reach the freezing temperature.

When you take that stored weed from your fridge, its chemicals will contract and leave you with a moist and mushy mess. If you want to do some trial, try freezing some herb or flower and check out the result. 

But if you still manage to dry those mushy, then the buds you rescued from the freezer will lose their flavour, aroma and potency after smoking. Hence the good degree of quality in the weed will get completely lost. 

Impact of freezing weed:

There are a lot of assumptions going on that freezing the weed would turn it purple. But it is not true. Some cannabis plants may turn purple due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

Strains with a genetic predisposition to turn purple can make it possible when exposed to cooler growing temperatures, especially during the last weeks of flowering. But the buds cut from the plant will never change their colour. To an extent, it may turn green after storing them in a freezer for longer. But sure, it won’t turn purple immediately after storing in the freezer. 

Can freezing weed kill mould?

On the internet, many rumours are going on about weed. Among that, the popular rumour is that storing the weed in the freezer would kill the mould spores. It is just a logical assumption to make. Usually, mould may struggle to survive in the dry and cold temperature of the freezer.

But, sticking the weed in the freezer is not the right way to protect it completely from the high humidity. The perfect way to prevent mould can be possible by following the right curing or drying process. 

Best idea to store weed:

Have a look at below and find how to store your weed:

Avoid three threats

If you want to keep your buds tasting, smelling and smoking their best, then you have to keep them away from certain threats such as:

  1. Humidity
  2. Light
  3. Temperature fluctuations

Use right containers

It would be best if you used high-quality containers to store your weed. Glass jars or mason jars with effective seals are the best choices since they can effectively protect your buds from dirt, humidity, bugs, germs and dust. 

For those who want to get fancy, you must invest in jars with a green tint, UV-proof finish, or dark brown to protect buds from light degradation. Storing the clear jars in the drawer, pantry, or similar dark places is a perfect choice. Along with that, you can also invest in hygrometer and humidity packs to give better protection for your weed. 


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