How does cannabis affect male and female fertility?

Do you want to explore how the cannabis affecting male & female fertility? If yes, then stay with this guide and get the clear idea about such process. In general, the cannabis use and endocannabinoid system can affect the sex drive. But can it affect the ability for women to conceive? Can it affect the male fertility? Here you have got all the answer from this guide.

At present, cannabis is getting more attention and new research are uncovering new information about how does it affect the human bodies. Weed is having the ability to crank up the sex drive, but it can also have the possibility to damage your reproductive system. So, how does cannabis affect the reproductive system of both male and female?

How cannabis affect male fertility?

There is more research on the how the cannabis is affecting male fertility as the recreational substance. Many studies proved that, cannabis decrease high amount of fertility rate in men. The authors found that, stimulation of the CBI receptors is a having the more chance of reducing sperm viability and speed.

After regular usage of the cannabis, testosterone level of the men will be completely reduced and they also may experience lower sperm concentration. THC is immediately reducing the respiration rates in the sperm cells. It can directly affect the mitochondria in the sperm cell and drive down respiration that may lead to the sperm cell damage effectively.

When compared to men who are consuming cannabis in a high rate; the men who are not using cannabis or using less amount is having better sperm concentration, sperm count and good testosterone level. Hence always set a limit and use it to avoid male fertility problem.

How cannabis affect female fertility?

Many research proved that, cannabis can also affect the female fertility negatively. The careful regulation of certain endocannabinoid system play the major role in effective reproduction and the phytocannabinoids in marijuana can through off such balance.

That study also noted that there is more evidence proved that cannabis usage may affect the woman’s ability to release eggs properly during menstrual period. Also the THC is having more chance of affecting the fetus development. It can also affect the meiosis in the ovaries. By doing so, it may directly affect the ability of ovary to provide healthy eggs for fertilization.

Final verdict:

Using cannabis with proper limitation will never affect the male and female fertility. Hence consider it before using them.


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