Everything You Need To Know About Legal Cannabis in Canada

The legal age for buying and smoking marijuana is 19 in most areas across Canada. But there are two exceptions. The Alberta government sticks to the age of 18 whereas, in Quebec, the legal age of consuming cannabis is 21.

2. What amount of cannabis can you buy in Canada?

It does not matter wherever you are in Canada but you can legally deal with it. Any adult can carry and share the marijuana containing 30 grams on the roads of Canada.

So now you are thinking of the legal amount, right? Well, you can purchase about 60 to 70 pre-rolled joints. The cost varies from one province to another. But you can keep an overall price range of the legal cannabis in Canada, it is almost 160 to 400 Canadian dollars.

3. Are you allowed to smoke cannabis anywhere in Canada?

To be honest, the answer is a big ‘No’. Not only marijuana, but you can’t smoke cigarettes also according to your wish. There are such restrictions made by most of the Canadian provinces like you can’t smoke in public-transit facilities, indoor public places, and in the workplaces.

By law, the territories like British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta have stated that where people can smoke cigarettes, there they can smoke cannabis as well.

4. Where can you easily purchase cannabis in Canada and how will they be?

You can purchase cannabis from most of the Canadian provinces maintaining some specific rules. The rules depend on that particular territory from where you are purchasing it. In that case, you can purchase them from privately run dispensaries, government-run retail shops, or blended-shop of these two.

While going for buying cannabis from these stores, always check the seal outside the window. It will inform you if the store is government approved or not.

5. Like the lounges and coffee shops in Amsterdam, does Canada offer the service?

As you already know that cities like Vancouver and Toronto have been offering smoke lounges long before the Canadian government has legalized cannabis. And it is exactly the same with the case of smoke lounge and the coffee shop. These things are not 100% legal in Canada.

And if you are already confused with this factor, it would be better to know all the rules and regulations that the Canadian provinces are compelling to focus on. But don’t worry! So many provinces are striving to legalize smoke lounges in the coming years.

6. What is the status of online ordering of cannabis in Canada?

Going to offline retails is not the only option for cannabis buyers in Canada! You can order it online also. Some of the provinces offer delivery service that brings legal cannabis to your hotel within the estimated date. So it is an overwhelming


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