Does Cannabis Reduce Your Sperm Counts? What Do Canadians Say?

A misconception always misguides a person and when your misconception is “cannabis reduces sperm count”, you really need to change that mindset.

If a man has a lower sperm number, it can lead to multiple issues like pain in the groin area and erectile dysfunction. But according to 62% of Canadians, it is never right: They don’t agree with that misconception!

And it is the time for you to understand the fact and clear your doubts. So here we are –

According to the article studies, those who smoke cannabis on a daily basis, they only need to worry!

Cannabis indeed affects male fertility but it is not true for those who smoke it occasionally. The fact is that marijuana disrupts male sperm function only then when it enters very frequently.

Daily smokers, now you should reduce smoking cannabis otherwise it will cause problems in future when you will be planning for kids. Also, it will bring a lot of problems in your sex life.

Case Study on The Relation between Cannabis and Male Sperm

According to a Facebook survey, 62% of Canadians think that cannabis is not responsible for reducing sperm count. But the rest people don’t pay heed to this question; because they think that if it really reduces sperm number, it would not bring any problem. The reason behind that is our world already has an excessive number of people.

But the exception is everywhere: A person who has been smoking since he was 14 years old, now he has twins. So in this case, cannabis did not harm his sperm.

Also, a father of 4 kids thinks that there might be a high possibility of sperm overproduction. The reason can be a healthy endocannabinoid system and general homeostasis.

Let’s bring more focus into the question:

What exactly lowers sperm fertility?

1. When you are smoking excessive tobacco

2. When you are taking too much stress

3. When depression is just upon your head

4. When you keep consuming excessive alcohol

5. When you are habituated to taking too many drugs

To Conclude

If you are a chain-smoker and really confused thinking of your future, we would want you to stop taking more stress!

Now modern science has solutions for every type of problem: Stop taking too much cannabis and consult a medical professional if needed.

Let your habit not ruin your future!


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