Cannabis Stretching: What It Is And How To Deal With It

Do you want to collect more details about cannabis stretching? Want to find out what it is? Want to explore how to deal with it? Then precede this guide further and understand all the essential factors of cannabis stretching. 

What is cannabis stretching?

In general, cannabis stretching is the fact that the cannabis plants are putting more effort into increasing stem growth. It makes them grow in height very quickly. It can be the stress response and natural process to various unsatisfactory conditions. When it is not managed properly, the stretching may result in thin, tall plants that cannot support themselves properly. 

Stretching is a good and natural process that occurs with cannabis plants during pre-flowering and late vegetative phases. The flowering stretch is unavoidable though various factors like genetics can influence the risk of stretch. 

The abnormal or avoidable stretching is known as etiolation. It happens when cannabis plants are stressed due to the lack of light. The taller plants with extraordinary internodal spacing are at risk for humidity & stagnant air, and bud rot issues.

Hence there will be a balance to get struck. You must understand that stretching is not that much worse unless handled properly. You must be ready to face severe bad consequences when it goes out of hand.

How to deal with cannabis stretching?

Check out below and explore how to deal with cannabis stretching by preventing it effectively.

  • Choose the right strain

First, you need to choose the right strain. You have to stick to the Indica-dominant cultivar bred for indoor growing. It grows around one meter in height but features productive, bushy growth. But when you want to stay small, you must consider growing all the auto-flowering strains.

  • Enhance air circulation

The cannabis plant also likes fresh air like humans. A pack full of hot, humid, and stagnant air can trigger the plants to stretch in search of a fresher climate. Good air circulation can help you stop or prevent cannabis stretching. 

Based on the setup, you can install the exhaust fan system to maintain the constant air exchange cycle. A simple desk fan can easily do the trick when the growth is a little more DIY and smaller. 

  • Give enough space

You should not blame plants for stretching. You must take complete responsibility. Therefore to prevent the stretching, you have to give enough space for it to grow. It can ensure better air circulation, equal light distribution, and cool temperatures. 


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