Can Sharing A Joint Really Get You Sick?

Are you afraid of sharing joint with other people? Do you want to explore whether sharing the joint lets you suffer from serious health issues? If yes, then this guide lets you gather all the complete details about such factors. 

In general, sharing joints, bongs/pipes or blunts can put your health at risk of contracting a wide range of diseases. While sharing joints, you may suffer from certain diseases like stomach flu, pharyngitis, herpes, and much more. 

Similar to the food, one can enjoy having weed with good company. But people concerned about germs or other health issues consider it a nightmare. But many studies proved that sharing one joint with more people can make you face many bacteria and germs.

Is sharing smoke that bad?

Of course, yes. Generally, you may have the chance of suffering from any disease after kissing someone or getting a kiss from someone. On the same basis, you also have all chances of getting affected by diseases from sharing the joint.

By sharing the joint, you are making the mouth to mouth contact with everyone in the circle. That puts you at risk of contracting an infectious disease that can be spread through direct contact. 

Research shows that a human mouth consists of around 700 different species of fungi, bacteria, viruses and protists. The saliva is designed to consist of healthy antibodies to protect you from various biological threats that could make you sick. But those antibodies may fail. 

By making direct mouth-to-mouth contact with people with you are sharing joints or smoking, you are getting yourself into trouble with many diseases that include:

  • Influenza
  • Pharyngitis
  • Mononucleosis
  • Meningitis
  • Oral herpes
  • Norovirus

Can I kill bacteria on the joint with a lighter?

You may have heard about some old smoker’s myth that holding the joint end above the open flame for some seconds can help you kill or burn off some germs around the circle. But you have no evidence to show that the heat from the lighter is more than enough to kill the bacteria. 

To kill the germs completely, you have to burn them off with the lighter and then let your joint rest and make it dry, which may take months. It is because temperature and humidity may keep the bacteria alive. The other option to kill the bacteria on the joint can be possible with direct UV light. 


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