Best Temperature And Relative Humidity For Growing Cannabis 

Normally, temperature and humidity are most important for cannabis plants to germinate the seeds. Managing these conditions is most important for making or breaking the harvest. It is quite important to keep the best temperature and relative humidity for growing cannabis. These have a higher impact on cannabis plants and keep the condition optimal even during all the stages of growth.

How Do Temperatures And Humidity Levels Interact?

Temperatures and humidity levels are higher and closers relative to each other. They are suitable for helping the plant to grow healthier. Humidity is called Relative Humidity (RH), which involves the ratio of partial pressure of water vapor. These will be related to maximum vapor pressure in water under the same temperature.

It is quite an efficient option to extract the warm air from the grow room and allow the cool air to enter extensively. Normally, it is quite necessary to have the relative humidity and temperatures controlled to grow cannabis.

What Is The Best Temperature And Humidity For Growing Cannabis?

Temperature and relative humidity require to be measured while growing the cannabis. Cannabis is quite renowned for being a hardy plant, so it does not require prolonged exposure to temperature and humidity levels. These could also attract pests and pathogens, even killing the plant altogether.

  • Seedling Stage:

The root system is not well established during the seedling stage. It is necessary to set higher humidity levels of 65% to 70%. Temperatures using the lights are required to be 20-25 C° with Lights Off at 4 to 5 C° lower.

  • Vegetation Period:

Temperatures level could be increased during the vegetation period. Roots can easily absorb water, and evaporation through the leaves cools the plant. Temperatures can be set at 22-28 C° with Lights ON. Temperatures can be set at 4-5 C° lower with lights off.

  • Flowering Period:

Lowering the temperatures during the flowering phase is quite important. The Humidity levels are also required to be lowered from 40 to 50%. Temperatures with the Lights ON can be set to 20 to 26 C°.

Controlling the Cannabis growth environment can be extensively done during the harvest. The best temperature and humidity vary throughout different stages of the growth of cannabis. It is quite important to maintain the air temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) as well as relative humidity between 40 to 60%.

Measuring the relative humidity and temperature constantly is important for growing healthy cannabis plants. Constant exposure to extreme humidity and temperatures could also stress the toughest cannabis strains.


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