9 Ways to Deal With a Bad Cannabis High


Cannabis has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and recreational benefits, but sometimes, users may find themselves in the midst of an uncomfortable experience commonly referred to as a “bad high.” Whether it’s due to consuming too much, an unexpected reaction, or unfamiliar surroundings, a bad cannabis high can be distressing. Fear not, as we explore nine effective ways to navigate through the clouds and turn your experience around.

  1. Stay Calm and Breathe: The first step in dealing with a bad cannabis high is to remain calm. Anxiety and panic can exacerbate the situation. Find a quiet space, take slow, deep breaths, and focus on regulating your breathing. Calming techniques can help shift your mindset and ease the intensity of the high.
  2. Hydrate and Snack: Dehydration can contribute to feelings of discomfort. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and help flush out toxins. Additionally, having a light, healthy snack can provide a grounding effect. Opt for foods rich in CBD, such as mangoes, which may help counteract the psychoactive effects of THC.
  3. Change Your Environment: Sometimes, a change of scenery can make a significant difference. Move to a comfortable and familiar space, preferably one with soothing lighting and minimal external stimuli. Creating a positive environment can help shift your focus away from negative thoughts and sensations.
  4. Engage in Distractions: Engaging in activities that capture your attention can divert your mind from the discomfort of a bad high. Put on your favorite music, watch a lighthearted movie, or immerse yourself in a creative endeavor like drawing or writing. Positive distractions can help break the cycle of negative thoughts.
  5. Use CBD Products: CBD (cannabidiol) is known for its calming and anti-anxiety properties. If available, consider using a CBD-dominant product or supplement to counterbalance the effects of THC. CBD can potentially help mitigate the psychoactive impact of THC and promote relaxation without intensifying the high.
  6. Reach Out to a Friend: Sharing your experience with a trusted friend who understands the effects of cannabis can provide emotional support. Sometimes, talking about what you’re feeling can alleviate anxiety and help you gain perspective. Choose someone who can offer reassurance and stay with you until the effects subside.
  7. Take a Nap: If the discomfort persists, taking a short nap may offer relief. Sleep can reset your mind and body, allowing you to wake up with a clearer head. Ensure you are in a safe and comfortable environment before attempting to rest, and set an alarm if needed to avoid oversleeping.
  8. Avoid Stimulants: Stimulants like caffeine or energy drinks can heighten anxiety and intensify the effects of THC. Steer clear of these substances until the effects of the cannabis have subsided. Opt for calming herbal teas or warm beverages to promote relaxation.
  9. Learn and Adjust: Reflect on your experience once the effects have worn off. Consider factors such as dosage, strain, and environment that may have contributed to the bad high. Learning from the experience can help you make informed decisions in the future, ensuring a more enjoyable and controlled cannabis experience.


Experiencing a bad cannabis high is a common occurrence, and it’s essential to approach it with a positive and proactive mindset. By staying calm, hydrating, and creating a positive environment, you can navigate through the discomfort and turn your experience around. Whether it’s through distractions, CBD supplementation, or a change of scenery, there are various strategies to help you manage the effects of a bad high. Remember, each person’s reaction to cannabis is unique, so take the time to understand your limits and preferences for a more enjoyable and controlled experience.


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