5 Simple Steps to Roll a Joint

Most people prefer to inhale the cannabis by rolling a joint. And for that, you need to gather three things, dried flowers, a rolling paper, and a grinder.

Here are the simple steps for rolling a cannabis joint –

1.        Grind the cannabis:

Take a steel grinder and fill the cannabis flower into it. But make sure that you are not overfilling the grinder. Otherwise, the flower will get clump up and lose its flavour, and will not even burn. Keep grinding the flower until it is divided into small pieces. But don’t make it powdery.

2.        Make a filter:

You can make your own filter using a small rectangle-shaped heavy paper. It will prevent the dried flower from entering into your mouth when you inhale and also it will protect your fingers from being burnt.

First, fold an end of the paper into a ‘W’ shape and then roll the entire paper into a little spiral or curl the rest of the paper, whichever you are comfortable with.

3.        Fill up the rolling paper:

Rolling papers and likewise the joints come in lots of different shapes and sizes. But choose the standard one that is straight in shape. It provides the same flavour throughout the cylinder.

To fill the paper, first, notice if the glue or shiny side of the paper is facing up. In case you are using a filter, put it at one end of the paper and then fill the paper with the dried flower. But make sure that you are leaving a little space near the filter.

4.        Pack the cannabis:

Fold the non-glued side of the paper around the cannabis and use your fingers to insert the filter into the paper. Then roll the paper properly until it is well-packed and form a cylinder-like shape. This step helps everyone to pack up the cannabis in an easier way and it is also good for preventing the gaps.

5.        Roll up the paper:

Fold the non-glued side around the packed cannabis and roll the paper properly and glue it to protect the cannabis and filter from falling. A pen here can be used to poke into the open side and press down the cannabis. This process will make you confident that the cannabis and filter are tightly packed. Then fold the open end to resist any cannabis from falling.


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