10 Tips to Hide the Smell of Cannabis

Do you want to explore the tips to hide the smell of cannabis? If yes, then check out this guide to gather everything in detail. In general, terpenes present in cannabis make them smell. It is mainly since; terpenes are highly responsible for aroma profile and strain’s flavor. Have a look below to find some best tips to hide the smell of cannabis.

1. Take your cannabis outside

It is better to take the cannabis outside and smoke them on your outdoors. Therefore you can enjoy your weed without worrying about the smell. 

2. Ventilate

When smoking cannabis or cooking edibles, make sure you turn on the vent or open the window to get the air moving.

3. Cover your weed

It is better to conceal the buds in smell-proof containers to avoid the cannabis smell. You can use dedicated stash boxes or airtight glass jars to cover them.

4. Use a smoke filter

A smoke filter is one of the advanced technologies to hide the cannabis smell. The carbon filter present in it will filter the smoke or cover them with particular flavored essence. 

5. Air freshener 

You can spray air freshener around your surrounding after you have completed smoking weed. The air fresheners can work well but won’t give you 100% effective results.

6. Incense, scented candles, or essential oils

Instead of trying deodorizers or air fresheners, you can try using some natural alternatives. Dropping essential oils like lavender, citrus or eucalyptus into the aroma lamp can freshen up your room. Hence it can hide the smell of cannabis completely.

7. Coffee

Coffee has the ability to hide the smell of cannabis. It can effectively overpower terpenes; hence, no one can notice the hint of cannabis anywhere. 

8. Clean yourself up

It would be best if you cleaned yourself perfectly after taking a weed. You can take a bath, brush your teeth or change your clothes to hide the smell of cannabis.

9. Use a pipe or one-hitter

A pipe or one-hitter can produce less smoke. Therefore, you can smoke weed using these great alternatives during emergency circumstances. 

10. Pack smaller bowls

Instead of storing weeds in large containers, you can pack them using smaller bowls. They will never let the aroma reach outside of it. Hence you can hide the smell of cannabis.

Final verdict:

From the scenario mentioned above, now you have explored the tips to hide the smell of cannabis. Hence apply the best one to hide the cannabis smell.


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